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All Diabetes Pilot data is stored in a folder in My Documents and must be manually removed if removing the program from your computer.  Unlike the iPhone App version I found no option to send food database items for use in future databases.    


The Diabetes Pilot Website provides a complete user manual, knowledge base and contact information should you need help. Over the last week I have been able to have several questions answered within 24 hours. The response I have received from the support staff of Diabetes Pilot proves to me that this company has a real desire to provide quality, timely support to their customers.

My Thoughts

As I was thinking about what I would say about this software I had to first factor what I would compare it too and do I rate this software as a standalone application or only consider the benefits if used with a handheld device?
If I consider Diabetes Pilot for the PC as a standalone application, there is no other software I can find that serves as a log book for diabetics and a meal logging program. Ok, the food database is not great but can be customized to make it usable. I have tried several other standalone meal logging programs that cost more than Diabetes Pilot and their no better.

If you only consider the diabetes logging aspect of the software (no meal log) there are other options on the market. However, if you want to use a complete package from a single software developer that runs on iPhone and PC or Mac there is nothing available, at least as of April, 2012.  If I am wrong please contact me and I will update this review accordingly.

Just because Diabetes Pilot may be the only option that meets your criteria does not mean you are compromising, far from it.  The program is very stable, well supported, highly customizable, secure and gets the job done.

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